My Firefox Web Tools don't show up!

When I choose my Web Development Toolbar in Firefox it does not show up. Has anyone else had this problem? Do you know how to resolve it?

So when you go to View > Toolbars > Web Developer Toolbar [FONT=“Georgia”]nothing happens?

Have you updated Firefox recently?


Yes I updated Firefox and played around with the other toolbar options. It’s showing up now. :shifty:

Okay, try going to Tools > Add Ons [FONT=“Georgia”], then click the ‘Find Updates’ button at the bottom of the dialogue box that would appear.


I haven’t been able to see my Web Development Toolbar for at least a year, and it doesn’t matter if I use Firefox 3.0 or 3.5. The addon is from the official extension directory and is up to date. I tried completely removing then re-downloading it. Since Firefox isn’t my primary browser anymore I gave up on it, but at least you know you’re not the only one.

The functions are still available through the top menus (Tools > Web Developer > …)