Alexa toolbar no existed anymore currently?

In currently there is only an alexa button like this

i need alexa toolbar like this, no need to click the button first to see country rank, have hot searches, hot pages, etc

anyone know how to get this? i am using firefox latest version
please help guys

i got the old alexa.xpi file, but its looks like broken on firefox latest version

The link you have provided is for an Extension not a Toolbar, and the extension is for Chrome rather than Firefox.

Were you using Chrome when you visited? Because the link took me (in Firefox) to the Firefox extension. (There are links further down the page to versions for other browsers.)

But as far as I can see, that extension is all Alexa offers; there is no toolbar available.

Ha! Yes, a Chrome variant. Cunning website! Didn’t think of that. :smile:

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is it right no more alexa toolbar currently?

wonder why they do that, many people like & need the toolbar

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