Toggle Images and Toggle Styles

Can someone point me in the direction of an add-on for FireFox that allows me to Toggle On/Toggle Off Images for my testing?

Can someone point me in the direction of an add-on for FireFox that allows me to Toggle On/Toggle Off Style for my testing?

I added two different packages from Mozilla but neither worked for the Images, and one over-wrote the other, so I just gave up?!

It would be nice to have a separate button for each on my FF Toolbar.



The Web Developer Toolbar does both, and a lot more.

Thanks, but that isn’t any quicker to use than FireFox’s defaults.

I was hoping for a button to click on for each, and/or a shortcut keystroke to quickly turn Images on and off as well as CSS Styles on and off.


In that case, you probably want the Toolbar Buttons extension.

It doesn’t work.

Everytime I add the buttons I want they disappear…


I think you forgot the red bit :wink:

I just added the Toggle Images and Toggle Styles buttons into my FF8 after using the link posted by TechnoBear and they work fine :slight_smile:

I’ve had that problem in the past. If I recall correctly, using the “Done” button to close the button window saved the new settings. What I had been doing was just closing the window, and my buttons disappeared. Having said that, I can’t reproduce the problem now, but I’m sure that was it.

I’ll sleep well knowing that they work well for you… :rolleyes:


I’m sure they work for many other people as well.

If you post the steps you followed hopefully someone can show you what you did wrong.

Also, what OS and version of FF are you using?

Now my Company Logo disappeared and yet in FireFox acts like there is something there because my Welcome message is in the same place.

I think those Add-Ons just trashed something big time, because I don’t recall changing my working code… :mad:

How do I re-set Firefox’s preferences outside of the control panel?


oh dear, “A bad tradesman always blames his tools” :slight_smile:

I doubt very, very much the add-ons trashed any of your code. But in any case as a last resort, regardless of the cause you should be able to restore the latest backup of your project, which you should’ve been keeping for scenario’s like this, and so you should have lost next to nothing.

Turns out I had a name conflict, however I have had FireFox Add-Ons screw up my MacBook before, and I had to go in and edit some FireFox Preference file deep in the innards of my laptop, so it is not so far-fetched?! :mad:


maybe what you say is correct, but I find it hard to believe that FF add-ons corrupted any of your files without seeing exactly what you did.

I did NOT say it corrupted my files.

I did imply that the Add-On may have screwed up a setting whereby I couldn’t see background images…

If you have time to help great. Otherwise, please stop making petty comments like…

oh dear, “A bad tradesman always blames his tools”

It makes you come across as a “Troll”…

(This is the second time in a few weeks that someone has made the same observation about you.)

Thread finished.


Whether files have been corrupted or not, you’re finding it difficult to cope with me not believing the FF add-ons have screwed up your laptop in any way even though you have posted nothing to show what you did.

When you come up with classic doozies like

I believe the problem is with background: url(/images/debbie_160x45.png) no-repeat; which is HTML.

I just have no reason to blindly believe what you say. I’m not saying what you said is not true. I’m just saying I find it hard to believe in the absence of proof, especially when you come with statements like the above.

Sorry you’ve had a problem. I’ve used both these add-ons on several different OS’s (but not Mac) over several years without any difficulty. Both extensions have support sites, so you might want to try and