Firefox Plugins You Can't Live Without?

Hello fellow designers and developers :slight_smile:

What are some Firefox plugins you absolutely must have? I’m looking to add to my very meager collection and would like to know what others are using.


The obvious ones:
Web Developer Toolbar
HTML Validator

All-in-One Sidebar
Regular Expressions Tester
Access Me / SQL Inject Me / XSS Me
Context Search
Automatic Save Folder

I’m right there with c2uk on the “obvious ones” other than that I have to have xmarks and gmail manager.

I’ll add:


Others I use are:

Adblock Plus
Image Zoom

For me it’s

  • GreaseMonkey
  • WebDeveloper Toolbar
  • AdBlock+

Apart from the top I’ll add…

About Menu
Colorful Tabs
Firefox Accessibility Extension

Wow! These are great! Keep 'em coming, please :slight_smile:

Web Developer Toolbar

Ad Blocker Plus

UnPlug (although lately it’s getting fooled by certain Flash content so I need to find a replacement)

WRT AdBlocker - website owners are still foaming and frothing that we’re violating some imaginary obligation to see their ads. But I’ve been very actively using the web since the days of Mosaic and in all that time I have never ONCE bought a product or service because I saw an ad on the web for it. That’s not how I buy things. I buy stuff because I’ve identified a need for it in my life and researched it appropriately. So ads have ZERO influence on me. So how am I stealing money from website owners by blocking ads?


You’ve been using the web since Mosaic? So have I – I think there’s a name for people like us… “internet fossils” :slight_smile: I’ve never bought a single thing through an ad either, although I have signed up for some newsletters because of them and learned about new services or products from my competition :wink:

stylish,tweak network,fasterfox lite

The obvious ones:
Web Developer Toolbar
HTML Validator

Google Pagerank

There are times when Tamper Data becomes very handy.

Another good visualizer is Page Info Forms and Links — shows all forms on a page in a nice structured list.

I absolutely can’t live without CoLT - I HAVE to have the ability to copy link anchor text via right-click.

And for screenshots, I use Screengrab.

I’m only using Informenter and quick search status :smiley:


New Tab Homepage
Remove New Tab Button
Web Developer
Exif Viewer

You should have the themes, grease monkey, and the search status.

don’t think I saw these yet:

Tab Mix Plus
Dictionary :wink: - for the spelling impaired

I actually use a lot of them, which is unfortunate because
the more plugins you add, the slower and sloppier your FF becomes
and Opera users have a point when they say a lot of these things are default, and not slow, in Opera.

That said, I don’t use anything that comes defualt in Opera except when I struggle with Dragonfly (I guess I’d better give up and actually read the manual lawlz).

In FF, I always have these plugins:
-Window resizer (because I’m too lazy to try measuring everything out, and I like to do quick checks for 600x800 screens)… there are a few of them and I think mine is Yet Another Window Resizer… the one that brings a little grey box up with pre-set buttons. I don’t need to set my own sizes which some of the other window resizers do I guess
-Live HTTP Headers (because at one point Mozilla moved the View Page Info part and by the time I found it, I’d already found live headers… the bad thing about this one is I think I get a lot of header info from either FF or the plugin itself… always called google safebrowsing or something weird) I am lazy and here I can quickly check if something is getting reloaded, what charset, MIME type, etc
-Aardvark is the ultimate Lazy Inspection of a page. I only use it to outline boxes on a page. I’ve heard it can do more.
-Firebug I use to inspect elements Aardvark doesn’t catch (Aardvark doesn’t seem to be able to get inside certain elements like Forms and dl’s). I use Firebug the same way I use Aardvark, Inspect element and let stuff get highlighted. So obviously I’m getting about 2% usage out of Firebug. I don’t use anything else built into it. So, I’d sure like a Firebug Lite if it exists… or just a better Aardvark, so I could ditch the heavy Firebug.
-Web Developer Toolbar… also I prolly use about 2% of it. I only ever click like three buttons on it: CSS (for viewing only or turning off), Images (turning off), and I use the ruler a lot.

If I needed to validate HTML while being offline I might consider the Firefox Validator but since I’m always connected to the server holding the HTML files, I’m always online, so I use the w3c validator instead.

There’s a default plugin that I never remember installing but Firefox in Gnome automatically plays a music file in I think Rythm Box, but inside the browser.

Twitter (Echofon)
Gmail Manager (must support Google Apps)

And then there are those that are important, but I could live without: Firebug, Screengrab, etc.