Music Vampire's Corner


My name is Mitică. I’m romanian. What this means? Vampires, sure!

But I have an uncontrollable taste for a different life force: music.

It’s my experience that radio, tv, these don’t bring the best music available around the world. But internet can do that. All you have to do is search. But searching can be a pain.

So I propose to you a world wide music experience. Post here any music you love. Not Lady GaGa though. Everybody knows of her. Preferably music in your country most people don’t even know, but it’s so beautiful you can not help but listen to it and enjoy. Ethnic music, but also world wide genres: rock, pop, new age, metal.

Also I would love this to be about tasteful music, not clones. Every nation has its share of copycats in music. Trance, rave, techno. These are all over the place. It’s the electronic music of Vangelis or Kitaro gone bag. I would love to hear music that’s music from the heart: like Lhasa. Or less world wide known national prides like Natasha St. Pier. Or ethnic folk musicians like Gheorghe Zamfir.

Let the music flow.

Let me start sharing.

Following are two melodies: a rock folk
Valeriu Stelian - Amintiri cu haiduci
and a ethnic folk
Angela Moldovan - La oglinda.

OK. From Romania to Chile.

Inti Illimani - Una Lagrima

From Chile to Germany.

Lichtmond Music - Wenn des Mondes Strahl

Corvus Corax - Venus Vina Musica

From Germany to Portugal.

Mariza - Meu Fado Meu

Moonspell - Firewalking

That Mariza reminds me of Dulce Pontes in this duet with Andrea Bocelli:
O’mare E Tu
I can’t listen to female-voiced opera, but luckily she doesn’t sing any screechy opera here.

Colombia tradicionale: Claudia Gomez - Soltarlo

One of my favourite bands, Aterciopelados:
La culpable (though this is maybe the closest they’ve gone towards traditional sound)
more modern:
They started out punk mixed with traditional, and slowly moved through rock and electronica, with shamanistic jungle singing and hippy themes throughout. Their last two albums are basically my mental soundtrack of the movie “Avatar” which made me think of the Amazon.

Belgian-Congolese a capella doing 16th century Spanish Christian monastery chant: Din din - Zap Mama

Zap Mama again:

and cuz I luve them:

Garmarna does medieval Swedish which the Corvas Corax reminded me of:
Vänner och Fränder
I remember their song about the wolf who asks the girl to come down the tree. She offers him her gold and silver but he only wants her blood.

Korpiklaani is also one of the most awesome bands in the world. Rock mixed with Finnish Sami stories.
Shall we take a turn?
The Pain Mill. Loosely from the Kalevala.

Ieva’s Polka by Loituma got on a local energy commercial for some reason, but also is awesome. Sometimes a capella and sometimes violin and other intstruments in their music.

from Arabian music

awesome submisions Sp.

extraordinary how some musicians can do so much with just their voice and a genuine passion for music.

most definitely new and wonderful for me were: Zap Mama - Brrrlak, Garmarna - Vänner och Fränder and Korpiklaani - Kipumylly.

crazy, in a good way, singers, driven by pleasure they find singing to others, those Belgian-Congolese a capella.

Garmarna it’s almost hypnotic. i love how the staccato words flow.

for the first melody Korpiklaani didn’t really won me. but with the second you can almost fill a power grabbing you and setting you an fire.

awesome. thanks :slight_smile:

hi Buthain.

i really need help discovering arabian music. i’m afraid very little of your music has reached me until now.

while i cannot appreciate the lyrics, i really enjoyed the first melody, the beauty of the almost mourning voice that’s a trademark for arabian music.

in the second melody the story it’s more obvious. it’s beautiful how the use of drums and male choirs complete the female singer.

in both melodies the voice inflections are unmistakable as to the music signature.

awesome. thanks :slight_smile:

Sp, there are probably other beautiful melodies, but this one also is worth mentioning: Garmarna - Euchari

so we’ve been from Portugal to Italy, from Italy to Colombia, from Colombia to Belgium-Congo, from Belgium-Congo to Sweden, from Sweden to Finland, from Finland to Lebanon.

now, from Lebanon to Russia.

Vitas - Opera 2
Red army choir - Echelon’s song (Song for Voroshilov)
Red Army Choir - The Partisan Song

Off Topic:

about the last two melodies: music is beautiful or not. don’t think but of its power. and a man choir has that.

Red Army Choir ++ I first found them because the Leningrad Cowboys do a lot of concerts with them.

Leningrad cowboys - kassaka (cosack) neat film.
Mostly they do classic rock covers, but they also do a lot with the Red Army Choir.

Korpiklaani - Northern Fall their Engrish is wonderfully terrible.

Bhutain, I am missing some plugin for the first link, but the second one is lovely.

If we get get Turkish food from Özgür’s there’s usually awesome music videos being played on the television there. Sometimes they play Tarkan which cracks me up because as a kid he was The Hottie in Mexico. I dunno how he got so popular in Mexico but it was everywhere.

Sp, for me it was the other way around: found out about LCB after RAC. I must say I really dig some of the Korpiklaani melodies!

I think you would like the next one.

From Russia to Moldova (the country, not the romanian region).

Zdob şi Zdub - Bunǎ Dimineaţa
Zdob si Zdub - Doina Haiducului
Zdob si Zdub - Draga Otee

From Moldova (the country, not the romanian region) to South Africa.

Mandoza - Nkalakatha
Mandoza - 50 50
wena, wena!

From South Africa to Argentina.

Melingo - Pequeño Paria
Melingo - En un bondi color humo

From Argentina to China.

Song Fei - River
Yu Hongmei - Spring Scenery in South of Yangtze River

Music for greatness motherland!

Seriously doina haiducului has a disturbing video : )

Draga otee has a bit of that flavour I like from Mexican music. Love it!

Some Dutch music. Haha.
Heidevolk does a sort of pagan/folk metal… at their concerts you’ll see guys with braided beards drinking beer from large horns : )

Heidevolk: Het bier zal weer vloeien (the beer will flow again)
Het Gelders Volkslied (the song of the people of Gelderland)

Rowwen Hèze does all sorts of music but of course what attracts me is the Tex-Mex : )
Bestel Maar (just order!)
Henk Is Enne Lollige Vent (Henk is one jolly fellow)

Doe Maar was a huge band over here, but I’m pretty sure they’re not well-known outside the Netherlands. They were a ska-reggae band in the 80’s:
Smoorverliefd The word is hard to translate, it’s like deep in a crush like you have when you’re young and stupid.
Rumah Saya (rumah saya, dimana- my home, where?) one of my favourites. One of the band members is indo, his father’s home is Indonesia, his mother’s is Netherlands, but he doesn’t feel at home in either.
Bella donna instrumental, more trippy drug songs : )

And two sillies:
Roodkapje by Pater Moeskroen
Who is afraid, of the angry wolf?
Who is afraid, of the angry wolf, the wolf?
Little red-cap starts getting seriously pissed at having to repeat that she’s going to Grandma’s… and to hell with wolves. : )
Dr Livingston : )

Dr. Livingstone! (Dr. Livingstone!)
Stop 'm in een pot en bak 'm bruin
Dr. Livingstone! (Dr. Livingstone!)
Van z’n grote teen tot aan z’n kruin

Throw him in a pot and bake him brown
from his big toe to the top of his head!

Sp, Doe Maar - Rumah Saya = very nice! It grows slowly on you :slight_smile:

It’s funny, Heidevolk sounds very much like '70s romanian rock band Phoenix. I like it very much.

Here are some Phoenix melodies:

Phoenix - Lasa, Lasa nr. 2 - short intro
Phoenix - Fata verde
Phoenix - Numai una - a modern Phoenix remake
Phoenix - Mugur de fluier - just for the “those were the times” sequences
Phoenix - Mugur de fluier - this one for the extensive play
Phoenix - Ciocarlia - a classic Romanian Rhapsody done rock style

This one has to do with the Iron Curtain exodus, away from Soviet Russia (ro. URSS) named Bear (ro. URS):
Phoenix - In umbra marelui URSS

And a modern remake from another band:
Talisman - Nunta


We’ve gone from China to Holland, from Holland to Romania.

Now, from Romania to Canada.

Natasha St-Pier - Un Ange Frappe A Ma Porte
Natasha St-Pier - Tant Que C’Est Toi

From Canada to France.

Natasha St Pier, Julie Zenatti -Millésime

Julie Zenatti - Couvre Moi
Julie Zenatti - Lis Dans Mes Pensées
Julie Zenatti - Je Voudrais Que Tu Me Consoles

Hélène Ségara - Je Vous Aime Adieu
Hélène Ségara - Encore une Fois

From France to UK.

Enchantment - Meadows
Enchantment - My Ocean’s Vast
Enchantment - Kneading With Honey