Multiple Domains -> 1 Website. HUGE newbie

I’m not new to web hosting in general, but new to PAID webhosting.

I have web service through a provider… and I have a website… Ok.

I got a free domain [noparse][/noparse] to point to my website successfully. (Im not sure how I did it, but it works)

My website is going to basically be a “Portal” to all of my other websites.

I have a website “Tech911” that is currently located at [noparse][/noparse].

I want to get [noparse][/noparse] to point to

I could use a domain redirect…

BUT if i do this, [noparse][/noparse] does NOT work. It just throws me back to [noparse][/noparse].

I tried doing some messing around with the domain registrar… tech911’s IP is pointing to the same IP that caitportal is at…

But tech911 is showing… “this website isnt configured properly” or something to that effect.

Was there something in cpanel that I have to configure first?

Anyway, if I DO get to successfully point to the same place is pointing to, how can I make it so that… if the referring address is it will default to…

But will still be

I thought an .htaccess might solve that

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [1]http://technology911online\.com[/noparse]
RewriteRule .* [noparse][/noparse] [R=301,L]

But… I cant even get to work right in the first place :x

Im doing this website as an English project, and I’ve already spent tons of hours trying to figure this stuff out, and it’s honestly not worth having the pretty URL…

If we dont come up with a solution by Wednesday, I will just say “Go to” :frowning:

  1. noparse ↩︎

Maybe you wanted to write http://technology911online\.tk ?

  1. noparse ↩︎

Yea I noticed that after I posted, but I still can’t even try it out till will point to as well.

Everything’s the same in the domain registrars settings… Is there something in Cpanel I need to change too?

contact they will help you.

I think we need code in .htaccess , they extraneous