Redirecting a parked domain to a website in a different directory

As the title suggests i would like to learn how to point a parked domain to another website hosted in a different directory on my paid hosting server.

Here are the circumstances, i have a paid hosting and a domain, i also got a second free domain and a second website. I would like to host the second website files in a different directory then the one in which i host my main website. Than i want to park that second free domain in this server, and make a sort of redirect to point it to that second folder. How do i do that? How do i tell that second parked domain to display files from that second directory?

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If both domains are registered with the same host, you can normally do this via your host’s control panel.
When you log in, do you see a menu point “Domains” or similar?
If so, chances are that you can just point the domain at whatever directory you please. Simple as that.

Thanks for reply.
The second domain i have got somewhere else. If i park it on the paid hosting server i can simply point it to a different directory in control panel?

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That’s how it works for me.
For example I recently created a site for a local business. They wanted one domain that was easy for people to remember (for the shop window) and one similar domain which contained their type of business and location (for SEO).
The biggest hosting company over here is Strato, so I took a basic shared hosting packet with them which offered two domains.
Once these had been booked, I could simply select which folder of my website which domain should point at.

Which hosting company are you with?
Where’s your second domain registered?

Thanks. I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Thank you a lot friends.
Sorry for delayed reply.

Frankly my hosting provider is right now in the very process of switching from one control panel to another, it was cPanel but they are changing it, so i can’t really tell what menu options a have right now, but they assured me that my hosting package includes multi site hosting and multi domain hosting and parking.

As soon as control panel will be available (within one week) I’ll get back here to continue.

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Please be careful with your terms because, in the cPanel world, “parked” means that the “parked” domain sits on top of the “main” domain and serves the same files. This is NOT what you described. An “add-on” domain would reside in a subdirectory of the “main” domain and can be addressed either as a subdomain or in its own right (as an independent domain, i.e., bypassing the “main” domain completely). The “add-on” domain is the common way of hosting multiple domains on a single IP address.



My hosting company kind of understood that i have a second domain from third party, and want it to point to another website files that are hosted in a different directory than the one of the main website.

It’ll get clear when the new CP will be available i guess :slight_smile: