Cpanel extra domain


I am an IIS man and I have been asked by a now ex-client (!) to help him sort out an issue he is having with his new provider running an Apache web server.

I don’t know much about CPanel. He created a domain called with contents, images,etc and he wants that points to that content and maintain in the address bar.
So far I managed to create a 301 redirect but its coming up with and not

In short and should point to the same physical space on the server and appear as two different domain names. SEO is not an issue, it is a public institution not worried about search engine ranking.

I have two domains going to the same site and was not sure what to do and asked my hosts to do it; which they did.

Just had a look at my cpanel and there is a “Addon Domains” section where you can redirect domains.

Looking at my settings and the domains redirect to themselves so the hosts must have done it out of cpanel.

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