Google My Business Listing Multiple Location Problem

We have a business which operates in multiple cities. It is a service business and has a

seperate address at each location.
I have two queries related to this

  1. What is the proper way to submit each location in Google My Business. We had someone

do our SEO and they have created different Gmail accounts for each location.Now when we

are trying to submit multiple locations using a same account, we are just getting

2) Someone has used theire location and phone number but given our website

and got there Google listing when searched on google, customers are getting

diverted to the fraud company. We have tried reporting this listing but nothing is done

by google. What can we do in this case?
Please help us to get this sorted. Many Thanks.

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I mean… the answer to 2 is going to be “Got to have Google handle it.” There’s no magic button somewhere that lets you override Google’s control of their own business listings :stuck_out_tongue:

As far as #1:

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