How many Google Business Listings from single URL?

One of our client have a business in multiple locations but he have the same website for all. we wonder to know, how many Google local business listings we can create for him by using single business url e.g

I had a client who had a half-dozen or so locations. I didn’t encounter any issues with adding a listing for each location with the same URL.

I’m pretty sure that the listings would get flagged as a duplicate only if the street addresses are the same.

Even I am curious about the exact number of Google business listing allow from single URL if anyone know please do share with us. According to my knowledge duplicate listings for a single business can be a problem in either Google search results or in a business owner’s Google Places account. If you have multiple listings for the same location in different Places accounts, please delete duplicates in all accounts except for one.

You should do only single business listing form single domain.


Force Flow has already said that he’s made multiple listings for one domain without encountering any problems. Do you have evidence to back up your statement, or is it just an opinion?

Even i don’t agree with Mausin, Company can have multiple location for the same business, and for that you need not to buy separate domain for each location. You can create multiple listing for same business but you should have multiple office location and you should verified your location too. One can create multiple listing that does not mean one can start creating listing all over the location.

OK, the question has been well answered, and the OP has never bothered to return.

Thanks to those who contributed. Thread closed.