Movie upload


How can i upload movie and play the movie on webpage.Thank you in advance.

For uploading movies you will need to build an upload form and then a script to process and validate the file upload You will then need a video player to handle the actual playing of the movie and there are several good ones out and free.

jgetner, you might have assumed too much about the question, as it was thin on details.

jemz, what is your intended goal? Do you want visitors to upload videos? Or, are you just looking to host some videos and allow visitors to play them? Are you using a CMS?

Hi,Force Flow. Thank you so much for the reply.My goal is.I want to make simple page that will upload movies .wmv .mkv or etc…and in other page i can see my uploaded videos.and i can select which movie will am going to play…

I want to make simple page that i can upload movies any .wmv,.mkv.etc…and in second page i will retrieve the movie from my database and put it on something like in div.and then i can click on it so that i can play the movie…i have no idea on this.because i am still learning.