Custom cms: how to upload video?

I’m using a custom cms and I was wondering if the standards cms there is a way to upload videos in flv format to use for example with jw player.

I know that putting the script in a texbox and editing it will work, but I’m looking for something more user friendly.

How do you upload videos with jw player (or other) in a friendly way?

Many thanks

i can upload viedeos in the admin pannel but they dont wants to play after the upload. And youtube links dosent work too

This type of issue is the reason I stopped developing our custom in-house CMS and switched to an Open Source CMS; the popular CMS’ available have modules that allow for uploading and/or converting multimedia files for streaming.

The other part of the equation is making sure that your wen hosting provider has set up the server to steam video.

so what this means now?

Well… What type of file did you upload to your website? Most hosting providers by default, don’t allow streaming of MOV, AVI, MPEG, RM, etc… so if you are using that type of file, you will have to see if your host does provide streaming of them.

Usually (but not always) FLV and WMV files will stream from a website without any further help.

my hoster aplayed to play FLV datas i know this becaus i have a second page on my webspace and this is full flash page
the viedeo Now Playing at the main page works perfeckt and this is a FLV data too
so whats wrong with the script?

That’s hard to say… What does the page that the video is supposed to play on look like? Are there any error messages?

no error messages.
I wonder because youtube movies doesent work 2
only my Now Playing viedeo @the main page works =/

Strange that the You Tube one is working now…

For the flv files it could be that the player can’t find the file it’s supposed to play. To play FLV files you need the FLV movie file and some sort of player which is usually a SWF file with a player component on the stage that is provided a path to the movie. If the player can’t find the movie, it won’t do anything.

so what must i do?
I have download a player from and uploade it but dont work too

Well, you’ll have to look at the source code of the page you are looking at and determine if the Flash player is linked to the FLV file tht you uploaded.

whitch php data is this? the viedeo.php?