Video for php site

I have to put short films on a php website that have electrical services: how to fix electrical things. The owner doesn’t want youtube, but free player. I can’t find one.
Can someone tell me a free player for this php site?

Flash won’t play either wmv or avi

The Flow player works only with flv. I put a sample here with wmv, but doesn’t work. I tried .avi and still nothing.

I test now the free version for Flowplayer to see if works with all: mpg, avi, wmv, mov.

No prob, for what it’s worth, I believe Flowplayer or JW are your best bet. Flow requires branding in the free version though.

Thank you hash. I searched with free video player for website, but I didn’t find something good. Thank you again, because I had 30 min to find it.

Nah, Flash can play other video formats not just FLV.

AFAIK all flash video players are only able to play flv (Flash video) files. You need to convert other formats to flv in order to be able to play them.