The best way for uploading and displaying own videos on website

hi everyone,
i want to make a section on website for showing all videos of concerts. i searched and found that the best format of video files is mp4,
but i don`t know how to write its script so that videos are shown in all browsers without any problem and user can control video files on website, like using play or stop buttons and …
if anybody know website or ebook that can help me in this case,introduce me please.

i appreciate for your help

Would be good to know what platform or website language you are familiar with. Video is a mixed bag and has multiple considerations, some publishing platforms can do it automatically if you provide the right code, there are also a large number of video scripts and plugins that will help you along the way. You need to consider also things like your hosting allowance both for space and also traffic. These are some of the reasons why people post to YouTube and then provide links from their website. YouTube covers both the hosting, traffic and making the video compatible with the users requirements.

Thank you so much for your good guidances. yes, youre right, im a php programmer, but not professional, i`m trying to be better :slight_smile:
may you introduce me website or book in this case? i need to see a sample project.
thanks a lot

[FONT=Georgia]Have you tried JW Player?

It’s one of the more popular, free video players out there. You download and install the Javascript code, convert your movie files to FLV (using another free tool like Riva FLV Encoder) and load them up by following JW Player’s instructions.

It’s copy-and-paste easy.

These days though, I like uploading the videos to Vimeo and embedding the videos to my webpages that way. Saves my server space, plus I get a couple extra views from Vimeo itself.[/FONT]

Hi Sogan.
The easiest way is that you can create a free website with wordpress or blogspot. Video you can upload to youtube and get code placed on your website

Shaun, jwPlayer is not free, unless it’s used for non-commercial use.
I think the best way is to put it on YouTube or Vimeo, as stevenjohn212 says.
Their players are optimized for loading and you don’t have to worry about the code.

If you are a programmer you may use the YouTube API to make your uploads easier.

Wow, look at that. It used to be free some years ago, I think. It looks a lot different now too.