Most efficient Anti-Virus software

Hello everyone,

I’m looking for recommendations on one already a cliche question. The Anti-Virus software.

I’m just wondering what AV I could use if we talk about “light-on-resources”. It seems that with the amount of virus signatures all commercial packages are targeting, anti-viruses have become the most resource-hungry application on one’s PC. I personally have not had a trouble with my anti-virus choice but it’s been always a good barometer what people around you think about this so old but still actual question.

So, am I looking for something that does work efficient and meanwhile does not torture the CPU/RAM that much! Your choice and opinion, please!
Thank you!


+1 for Avast.


What do you think about Immunet 2.0?

Honеstly, its anti-virus features look like very useful.

I suggest you to prefer nod32 it is best and reliable then others.I always use this.

Kaspersky Internet Security is undoubtedly the most efficient according to my view point. But, if you want to use a lighter one then Panda anti-virus is certainly a good option.

There are lots antiviruses: Norton , Panda , Kaspersky , Avira , AVG … They all do work.

Avast has done me well, I had Nod32 but a new version came along and stuffed up on my Vista x64 and I’ve never went back.

bit defender is awesome antivirus i ever use
its cleanup your virus not the files so i thinks its a great antivirus
try it once

Kaspersky is best antivirus but their are plenty of software you can use
Bit defender
Panda security
Avast total security
Quick heal

Panda Antivirus Pro combines antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing and a firewall with its highly touted behavior-based TruPrevent Technology.

Avira is light, fast and accurate. It is easy to use, fully configurable and is free.

Panda Antivirus Pro is a pretty good antivirus software. The software includes several advanced features and tools to keep your PC safe, and Panda is easy to use.

I use Panda Antivirus Pro 2009 and that has a load management option which when enabled, makes sure that it doesn’t hog the CPU and the part of it that stays in memory shows in the task manager as using 6,852K of RAM. It’s possible the more recent versions of the anti-virus programs might be optimised for use on Dual Core and Quad Core machines.

I use Eset NOD 32 - It use very little resource and also very effective.
I personally don’t like Norton , because it consume a lot of resource and slowdown the system.
Somehow , QuickHeal is also awesome.

Norton Antivirus, especially recent versions, undoubtedly is the most resource greedy software in Windows(my opinion). Now, as far as I know Panda Titanium/Platinum is the no.1 antivirus software in China, there must be a reason to that popularity. this also does not forcedly mean it is the best. at this point we really need efficiency that popularity. regarding nod32, i use it more than 3years, so far very good impressions. Let’s see what others think?

NOD32 is a light weight AV. I am using avast and I found it great.

For me is Kaspersky, but it slows the PC.

Avira is based on the powerful Kaspersky engine and uses minimal resources in my experience, I have been using it going on 3 years now and have received no issues. :slight_smile:

second ESet NOD32. very low overhead

AVG or AVast is the best