Best anti-virus

which is best anti-virus i am using eset nod-32 write know but in past i was using avg both gives good protection from virus then from your point of view which is good anti-virus

I have used nearly every virus checker out there. AVG & Avast offers decent protection but can slow your system down. Since MS released Security Essentials i have been using that. It is very light weight and offers very good protection. Its probably the best free solutions.


kaspersky is best and better anti virus for your system. Because it uses low system resources and they not disturbs for every time with notifications. it means all anti virus software’s are asks notification like//; update, delete, scan, remove, reboot.

if you are using notebook, the battery backup is very high, because of it uses low system resources.

F-Secure anyone? (~;

I use norton internet security, with some personal tweaking and settings on my main machine, and eset smart security on 7 other machines here.

I’m using Trend Micro Internet Security Pro and it keeps out the nasties on the www very well…well, as far as I can tell it is :shifty:

AVG is pretty good

To be fair, Norton’s enterprise solutions aren’t bad… it’s just their consumer products that are bloated pieces of crud. :slight_smile:

Microsoft Security Essentials is very good and I’ve been using it for almost a year now on my 3 computers.

I would go with Microsoft Security Essentials. It does an overall good job of detection and its free.

i hav used so many antiviryses to protect my laptop from viruses. As my experience says ur computer shouldn’t be protected from only viruses but from other malicious codes as well. sometimes worms are also pretty much capable to put u in great trouble. So the best antivirus which i found among them is ‘Quick Heal’. Its a complete package of all kind of security and consumes less resource of your system as well…

I like Comodo Antivirus. Believe in me, it is really perfect and does so many functions to protect your computer.

Which is the best antivirus? Well IMO definitely NOT Norton! Anything but Norton.

The day after I finally decided to delete Norton Antivirus, I swear the sun shone brighter and the birds sang sweeter!

What a difference, with that dreadful program no longer hijacking the CPU for up to 60 minutes per day (up to 98% CPU for all that time) to run some mysterious, absolutely unstoppable process called ccSvcHst.exe. The (very helpful) Norton techs couldn’t fix it remotely or suggest a solution, and neither can anyone else (having googled extensively and found it is a known problem for some users that goes back several years).

To be fair, obviously millions of people use Norton without experiencing this problem. But it does exist, it causes serious problems for some users, and Norton have not bothered to fix it even after several years. Why take the risk?

I replaced Norton with AVG 9 (paid for), which - touch wood - seems to work fine, and it took over from Norton without any problems, which must be a minor miracle in itself.


Ive been using Avira now… it is good… I haven’t any problem with it yet…

The only problem with your comments are that every Antivirus on the market protects against far more than just Viruses, I’ve yet to find a single Antivirus product which doesn’t also protect against Trojans, Worms, Malicious software, Spyware and potentially key-loggers or other tools which could harm the end user. :slight_smile:

It sounds interesting! But FYI there is no ‘best’ - all such progs are only as good as the last update. But avast updates daily, it is free, it is excellent.

Forget it and get on with your life.

Most of the new batch of rogue or fake antivirus programs seem to be targeting AVG directly. For the longest time, I recommended it in my shop if a client didn’t want to pay for premium support. Now adays I recommend Microsoft Security Essentials, as its pretty simple, effective, and unobtrusive.

im using free avg.

nod32 is best and i also use this.You need not to change your anti virus its better then others.

I used Avast last 2 months, very good protection. Now ii using free registered version.