Which antivirus software is best for laptop?

Hi friends, pls. tell which antivirus software is best for laptop?

Recently I was discussed with my friends about best anti-virus for my laptop.
In this discussion the Avast got maximum vote among other antivirus. I think you may choose Avast.

I don’t know if there’s any difference between desktops and laptops from a AV point of view?

Anyway, I’ve used the free versions of AVG, Avira and Avast (in that order in time), and so far I’ve stuck with Avast. It is (or seems to be) the most light-weight and so far it has protected me from all virusses.

I use avast with no problems so far

In depth research and testing of AV effectiveness and performance.


If I were you, I’d buy any of the following.

  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5
  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2013
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus 2013

Those aren’t free.

Microsoft Security Essentials has been proving to be solid, as well as lightweight.

According to independent AV software reviews, the best free one was AVG (in terms of detection and prevention).

Eset Nod32 is the best Anti virus. I am using that for long time.

Well, aruna8712 didn’t mention “freeware”.

I suggest you go with AVG or Kaspersky…!

Pls. tell avast is free antivirus software?

Eset Nod32 is best? is this free?

Thanks i will try any of these…

hi tutistech,

i also used kaspersky trial version…now it has expired… ru using free version…or paid? <snip>

Now a days Avast and Nod32 antivirus is best for laptops.

There are 2 versions of AVAST, the free home edition and the Avast Pro, which costs something. :slight_smile: I’m using Avast free home edition for more than 3 years now and I’m really, really satisfied with its performance. I can recommend Avast to anyone looking for a good antivirus.

I always use avast anti virus. It is the best for me. So I hope it will also protect your laptop.

Dont think i had any problems with my mac in the past 10 years.
I never even reinstalled OS.

Iam thinking kaspersky is best and macfee also

i like to recommended kaspersky