More than 4GB RAM


Is there any motherboard and processor kit that can support more than 4GB of RAM.

I went to the shop and the owner suggested me Core i3 with 8GB RAM.

but thats a little high on my pocket.

so any other suggestion for Kit that supports 8GB RAM

i was thinking to go for core2Duo with DG41 Motherboard but that is limited to 4GB RAM.


What is your budget? And what will be your main functions for using this pc? (need for a decent graphics card?)

Though you may pay out more. Do not limit yourself later by purchasing mother boards with things like 4 gig caps.

Many 64bit systems can probably handle 8gig, some 16 or 32 possibly, but it must be 64bit to use 4gig + and show it correctly, i3 is the newer generation of CPU’s, as such they can be pricey, an alternative option would be to look at say a Phenom system, say with the 6 core CPU, but if you consider such AMD options, you may find the price more in what you can manage, but as above asks, without a budget we have no idea what range to guide you too.

Basically it comes down to the fact that there are a million ways to go and we need some more info to point you in the right direction.

My Dell laptop has 6GB, but the max, at the time, was 8GB. I bought the laptop recently. However, a Dell Desktop maxes out at 12GB, at the time.

Make sure you understand that you need more than 4 gb. In many cases upgrading will do little or nothing for you.

I disagree. Upgrading you memory is the best thing you can do when it comes to upgrading. Not to mention the cheapest way to gain extra performance. I’m sure you know about disk-thrashing…

Is your laptop “Core2Duo” ?


No. It’s an i7 processor. One of the lower end quad-core processors. It didn’t justify to spend $100 more for a slightly faster processor.

why do you say that upgrade will not make performance better ?

have you tested it ?

you made me confused


i thought “i series” processors came after quad-core processors.

but you are saying “i7” is a lower end quad-core processor


Yeah, it confused me to.

Their are three series of processors

i3 = dual core (lowest end)

i5 = dual and quad core (medium end)

i7 = quad core (high end)

You need to remember the speed of the processors in each class will be at different speeds. The higher the processor speed, the faster the CPU

When I said “low end” i7 processor, it just means their are faster i7 processors out there. Same goes with the i3 and i5.

i3/5/7 are the latest processors out of Intel

then it means

If i3 is from Dual-core family then it means Core2Duo will be faster and expensive than i3

Here Core2Duo cost around $50 more than Dual core


No. Core2Duo is older, and not as efficent, as the i3. So, when it comes down to performance i3 is better then Core2Duo which came out years ago. If you had a choice between the dual-core processors, go with the i3, even though it will be a tad more expensive.