Should i upgrade my desktop?

i currently have a core 2 quad 2.4
with an asus p5wdh deluxe, a thermaltake armor case a 650 thermaltake power supply and a 8800 gts 640 mb vga attached to these 4 hard drives with a total of 3gb storage space

i currently have a small pb with my motherboard and ram after checking with a hardware professional he resolved the motherboard problem but still have a problem with my rams
i have two choices :
1- either upgrade my rams from 2 gg to 4 gb pc 6400 ram
2- or simply go to a complete new system
i am being advised to go with a core i7 but i am not that convinced because of the investment price…
my motherboard allows me to overclock my system to 2.9 or 3.1 ghz stable under windows
i feel it’s very good but maybe i am mistaken…
would i gain that much speed with the move or should i wait a year or so and simply upgrade my os to windows 7 and my rams to 4gb?
please your advises, it’s been like 2 years i didn’t follow the computer market evolution
my primary use is for graphic & web design
some gaming

any advises please?

Hi Jimmy,

It would be better to wait and then go for a complete upgrade. If you invest now on the same PC, you still will have to look for a newer one in coming 1 or 2 years and the investment of current PC would be of no use then. So, wait a bit and go for new system.

I would wait for a while and collect money.

+1 for upgrading memory

Your processor is good, but hard disk is not satisfying. Change it. Select one with big memory.