Good PC for web design/development

I have a P4 (2.4Ghz) with 1GB ram and a 160GB hard drive. It seems slow running Photoshop and coding websites.

Will a modern PC speed things up and what is a computer for web development without overspending?


A cheap upgrade would probably the addition of more RAM. If the motherboard can handle it, possibly a matched pair of 2GB sticks for a total of 4GB.

What make and model is the computer? Or, if it’s a custom build, what’s the make and model of the motherboard?

I built it myself from parts. The motherboard is a Intel PEBT2845 with only 2 memory slots that take only DDR ram. I can’t find 1 GB dimms.

It’s pretty old.

That doesn’t appear to be the model number–it’s probably some other number that was printed on the motherboard. If you load up Belarc Advisor, it should be able to tell you the model.

There are plenty of DDR RAM available on /, though the running price appears to be about $70 CAN for 2x1GB. You can’t get DDR sticks any larger than 1GB. I can’t give you a specific set of RAM without knowing what the motherboard can handle.

As a general rule for an older PC, I wouldn’t spend more than $150 for upgrades or replacement parts.

Yes the problem is with your low ram, Although your processor is also not with the time but you need to upgrade both, more preferably go for ram first.

For $200 or so, you could completely refresh with a modern mobo + modern x64 multi core processor + 2GB or more RAM . . .

I’ll probably do this. Thanks for everyone’s help.

Dear God, do not waste money upgrading that old machine. The bottleneck is clearly the processor at this point. Any recent CPU will easily be 3 or 4 times faster at worst. Get a new AMD or Intel processor, some DDR3 memory and perhaps a cheap SSD for the OS/applications and you won’t believe how fast it is.

Hi.i think the problem is with your RAM and processor. which mother board you are using?


There is corrupted something(software) repare it then check otherwise put 3GHz processor and 1GB of RAM.