Member Title?

How do I customize my user title?


Settings-Edit Profile-Custom User Title


Off Topic:

Oh sooooooo funny - speaking of titles… billycundiff{float:left;}… I almost died when I noticed this one! They are resigning him and still have nice things to say about him, no Ace Ventura Pet Detective here :smiley:

yeah and the best part is I thought of it myself. I’m a ravens fan…I can’t blame the ravens for resigning…he is a good kicker. He just choked.

I could swear I searched that entire page…

Thanks though!


No problemo :).

You possibly did. You have to have a certain post count to set your own title. If you hadn’t reached that (I can’t remember what it is) then you wouldn’t have seen the option.

The last I knew it was 25 posts. But it’s been a while since I was there.

Nah. I did it right after 200.