Looking for some fun/quirky forum rank names

Hi there,

I am starting a new UK forum and will be setting up a ranking system for members based on their number of posts.

I was wondering if anyone can think of any quirky/fun names for the different ranks. I was thinking of something British based.

Any suggestions would be great! :slight_smile:


royal titles? Or is that verboten to use titles like that?

Or Titles from Monty Pythons Holy Grail?

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What about a full deck of cards for member ranking? I’ve never seen that for ranking levels, would be familiar and yet unique.

One digit numbers 2 - 9 for members according to number of posts.
10, Jack, Queen and King for apprentice, mentor, advisor and team leader,
Ace for admin,

Four of each level makes only 20 staff members so maybe not suitable for your setup.


Thanks, that is an awesome idea! Many thanks for that!

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