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Hi how’s it going guys,

I work for a medical practice and we’re looking for constructive criticism and tips for our website and our SEO efforts. We outsource SEO, and have definitely made strides, but are looking for ways to improve our efforts in house. Right now, we publish one new blog post a week. This could obviously be boosted as far as necessary - it’s manual labor and we could do 1 a day if necessary.

Other ideas I had were videos of our doctors talking about procedures, creating a social media presence (we have none), and finding new ways of backlinkings (press releases etc.)

I’m by no means an expert on SEO, so if someone could give my website some constructive criticism and point us in the right the direction, it would be truly helpful. Our goal is to rank #1 for specific keywords in our niche, and have our clicks translate to patient appointments!

Please provide a link!

Hi I guess my link got removed because of back linking? The link is…

No, any half-decent forum - and SP is more than half-decent! - marks such links as “no follow” so there was never a chance of a backlink.

More likely because a link was considered not needed for discussion.

If @mikey_w is correct and this topic is asking for either a Design or Content review, then perhaps being in Marketing is not the best category for it.

We have, in the past, allowed SEO reviews - and still do, as far as I’m aware. We don’t get many, though (apart from the odd thinly-disguised link-dropping excuse). I think part of the problem is that it’s quite hard to do a good SEO review, and they tend to end up with the self-proclaimed experts posting the usual generalities.

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and outdated techniques.

For that to have any influence on SEO, you would need to provide a transcription for search engines to read. (You should, of course, be providing a transcription anyway, for those with hearing difficulties.)

Can be good for driving traffic, but will have no direct effect on search engine ranking, as most social media links are nofollow and Google have specifically said they do not take social signals into account with ranking.

Forget about trying to manipulate backlinks; it’s no longer a viable technique. Sure, issue a press release when you have something genuinely newsworthy, but not as a method of link-building.

Isn’t everone’s?

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Followup on what’s been said above:

  • As @TechnoBear says, videos and social media are great for driving traffic and making visitors interested, but have little to no bearing on SEO directly. Just so that you understand the difference. They’re still good to have though. And video content is proven to interest visitors more than giant walls of text. If your posts have both an embedded video as well as some copy about the topic, that might prove to be of use to both readers, watchers, and to search engines.
  • Backlinks will come or they won’t. As has been said, trying to manipulate yourself is a dead strategy.
  • If you have any particular procedures or patient types that you really want to focus on, create more material around that. Try to explain why you’re a better facility than average, or what makes your physician(s) better, or your staff, or your procedures themselves. Talk about innovation.
  • Make sure that in your copy, you’re actually saying the words that you want people to search for (keywords) - just please don’t make them a mass of keywords, either. But my point is that if I wanted this particular reply that I’m writing to be about the topic Medical Website Search Engine Optimization - I haven’t actually said that phrase once (until now). Just make sure you actually say what you want people to find.
  • If you have a YouTube channel or social media channels, make sure they all link to the site and the site links to them. Also, if you have the sort of patient / interest base that might be interested in a newsletter of some kind - health tips, post care techniques, etc - email marketing is often a better channel than social media. Again, doesn’t have anything to do with SEO. But if you have that sort of client base and the ability to produce content, an email list and opt-ins on intake forms would be useful.

Hope any of that helps.


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