Advise/feedback on how to attract page views

We have a site that has been running for a while but doesn’t appear to have many views (according to google analytics). I need some feedback and advise on how to get a large number of views and attract visitors and promote the site. i use facebook and twitter and linked but not much results.

There was a little discussion on this recently:

What does your SEO campaign, Ad Campaign, or Socmed Strategies look like as of the moment?

“I need some feedback and advise on how to get a large number of views and attract visitors and promote the site. i use facebook and twitter and linked but not much results.”

How you get large amounts of views will highly depend on your budget and time. I don’t know what specific site you’re running but you need to answer a few questions first before we could give you solid advice.

*Who’s your target market?
*How much are you willing to spend?
*Do you offer a product, a service, or both?

Since you’re using LinkedIn, I’m assuming you’re running a site that offers professional services (i.e. marketing agency or consultation). I run a business consultation service and what we mainly do to increase our reach is utilizing a lot of PPC and focusing on ONE socmed platform. We cast our net wide with ads, and narrow it down when it comes to socmed. It’s hard to grow on different platforms when all you’re doing is republishing the content across every single one–because what works on Facebook, won’t necessarily work with Instagram and etc.

With our ad campaigns, we basically have it automated to create a personalized message for that specific ad groups. We have our Google Ads, FB Ads, IG Ads, Reddit Ads, and Quora Ads synced to a master database we have on Google Sheets and MySQL. It’s a complicated process but you can do it on your own with apps like Zapier and HubSpot through a simple integration process. I’ll link a guide here if you want to read more up on the automation process.

Finally, if you haven’t already, having content on your site aside from products/services drastically improve your chances of generating organic reach. Just search a question within your niche and try to answer it–don’t be cheap and hire a good writer to whip up excellent content for ya’ll. That’s basically what I can tell you for now, happy to help if you can answer the aforementioned questions first.

There’s no single technique to get huge traffic in your website. Don’t rely on single or few techniques. You have to try few more.

As I can see: you have already tried platforms like Facebook, Linkedin & Twitter. I advise you to use these platform wisely. These are enough to produce millions of traffic.

With my years of experience, I am providing you few more ways to promote you site.

Try to get all kind of visitor: Social, referral, Paid, Search, and Direct. Write content relevant to you business and promote them, sooner or later they will help to achieve your goal. Get organic traffic form google to do so, optimize your website according to the google’s guideline.

It is good that you are using SMO techniques but do not forget to use on-page and off-page SEO activities, you can start listing your business so that more people notice your brand name, start blogging and linking pages to your website, that will help too!