MAMP and local WordPress install problems

I can’t get MAMP to work. Can anyone help?

I sadly uninstalled and AppZapped MAMP and reinstalled it. Now I can’t get WordPress to install. I can make a DB on PHPMyAdmin but I get “not found” when I try the WordPress install.

I can’t get the PHP info? line to work either.

How do you troubleshoot MAMP?

This MAMP installation video is worth watching:

See if you have missed any steps.

Here is a tutorial I have bookmarked that may help with installing WP on MAMP:

Thanks Ralph. That video was particularly good. But I don’t seem to have missed any steps.

MAMP seems fine. I can open the Start page, I can do the PHPinfo page, I can create a database in PHPMyAdmin.

But if I create a index.html with “hello” in it and put it into MAMP/htdocs/index.html I get: “The requested URL /MAMP/htdocs/ was not found on this server.”

Similarly WordPress doesn’t work.

I preferences for MAMP I have:
Apache port: 8888; MySQL port: 8889
Apache: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs

and the URL is http://localhost:8888/MAMP/htdocs

If that hello file is in your /htdocs/ folder, you should find it in your browser at http://localhost:8888/ (You don’t have to type the rest … or indeed, you aren’t meant to. :slight_smile: )

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ralph.

I’d just been using the wrong URL !!! It’s working now. Hurray!!! :slight_smile:

Cool. :slight_smile:

Excellent job @ralph_m ; :tup: