MAMP troubleshooting mysql server and start page

The MAMP mysql server and Start page are not working. This is a common problem with MAMP. I have try different fixes with no success. In my case nothing works.Killing mysql process, changing ports etc. My last resource is to uninstall and reinstall MAMP. However I am not sure how to properly handle the htdocs directory within the MAMP app folder. The htdocs directory has a collection of development website projects. Will reinstalling MAMP override the htdocs folder?

Before you reinstall, just copy your htdocs folder to your desktop or something, and then copy it back after reinstalling.

The only problems I’ve ever had with ports/etc was that Skype for some reason often reserved :80 and Apache wanted it, so I always started XAMPP/WAMP/MAMP before Skype.

Backup your htdocs, do your reinstall, put them back, then start it up (preferably with few if any other apps running) and see if you still have problems?

Edit: FYI, moved the topic to General Dev, which seemed more appropriate than Wordpress/CMS. Wasn’t sure if this would be considered “server config” but it definitely has nothing to do with CMS at the moment :smiley:

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