Pointing external domain to 1and1 webspace

I have a website hosted with 1and1 and a domain regestered elsewhere. The client wants to keep the domain where it is and point it to the 1and1 webspace. They’ve asked for “the IP address of the web server and they will transfer the A record of the domain to the new IP address” which should be straight forward. I am having trouble finding out this information from 1and1 though and from searches it looks like I’m not the only one.

Do they not allow external domains to point to their webspace. Does anyone know of a way round this? The client doesn’t want the email to be moved which i why it has to stay with them. Moving the site from 1and1 is not an option atm. Thanks

I may be wrong, but in my experience, this is nothing to do with the web host. I normally log in to the domain host account and direct the domain to the webhost server. This will either be to the general name servers of the web host (e.g. ns1.webhostserver.com) or if you have an IP address connected with the hosting, then perhaps something like ns1.mydomain.com.

Thanks for the reply ralph.m - I have asked the people who have charge of the domain to do just that but they say that that will also swap the email over to 1and1, (even though I have specified in the 1and1 settings not to). Are you saying that may not be the case? I’m wondering if they are using delay tactics.

they say that that will also swap the email over to 1and1

They should be able to edit the MX record to point to current-hosting-providers-mailserver.com (rather than mail.domainname.com). Their email hosting provider (which could be their current hosting provider) should be able to help.

This may be of some help understanding how MX records work: Understanding MX records

P.S. I’m not a DNS expert, but the domain registrar and host should be. Ask them for assistance in achieving your precise goals.

the best option would be to with name servers change under the ‘domain control panel’

as far as changing the MX records is concerned, ldcdc is right and it can be done later on, in other words its not something impossible to achieve…

Most of us mainly points a domain to web hosting server either through an A record or through NS records,
sometimes we also use CNAME record (preferably in case of subdomains)

Thankd for the link ldcdc - it was very useful. But I’m still unsure on where to go. Here are the steps I’ve taken:

  1. I’ve requested a transfrer of domain and asked for the domain to be pointed to the 1and1 name servers.

  2. It detected the mail servers (rackspace) that are with the domain currently and I selected "use the detected mail servers.

I thought this would just point the domain to the 1and1 webspace but keep the mail untouched and so the email wouldn’t be going through 1and1.

  1. I have then given the name server settings that need to be changed (ns67.1and1.co.uk and ns68.1and1.co.uk) to the current people who have control of the domain.

This is seems to be what ralph.m has suggested.

The people who currently have the domain have come back and asked for an IP address of the webspace to enable them to transfer the A Record of the domain to this new IP address.

So, if I have selected the mailservers to stay as they are and the dns is changed to the 1and1 name server will the email remain untouched?

I can’t edit my previous post- having a bad tech day :rolleyes:

In essence, what I want is the webhosting and email to be on separate servers. Can this be achieved by doing the above steps?

  1. It detected the mail servers (rackspace) that are with the domain currently and I selected "use the detected mail servers.

It seems like that should do the trick.

intodns.com might help you determine if the DNS records are setup the way you want them to be (MX pointing where you need it to) after all is said and done.

Thanks Idcdc, so would that mean that the email client settings should stay as they are ie with the setting of the original host? Or would I still have to set up the email accounts again with 1and1?

If everything ok with your domain name registrar you will need to do all needed settings with your web hosting account only.

I never went through the process myself, but from 1&1 Webhosting FAQ | How do I point a domain to 1&1 name servers?, it looks like the emails should continue to be pointed to the original mail servers.

Sorry to be a pain but to be sure, the settings in Outlook would stay the same and there will not be any interruption in emails?

Thanks so much for your help with this.