macOS High Sierra upgrade - does it break things?


I run things like homebrew, macports, git, apache, plastic scm, mysql, node/npm, python, php etc and other various small but essential developer tools. My mac is consistently hassling me to upgrade to High Sierra - does any developer who had done this know if things break? I had some reports of mysql commands not working and having to edit the path in the shell environment files to get them to work again… anyone know if I should just do it and get rid of the annoying upgrade notices once and for all?


Some things will change. Specifically the ones that came with the OS. Apache typically changes so if you configured it, you’ll need to backup your Apache settings. I know when I went from the first release of El Capitan to the last release of it, it changed my Apache configuration to default. Other things like mysql or anything you download won’t get affected I believe.


so I did it, and so far…ok, mysql commands broke, but as my friend discovered this is a path issue which doesn’t take long to fix, Xcode needs a massive update and macports needed to be reinstalled, (but there’s a migration guide online). git, homebrew and all my command shell settings seem to have survived… more esoteric things like Standard ML broke but they’re not things I rely on for work…


Have you tried exporting the mysql commands into your profile? The mysql commands aren’t accessable through terminal by default. So reading through what you posted, you’re saying that the upgrade was successful, but some installations may have been removed?


I added the filepath of the mysql commands to the environment path of the shell a long time ago just so I could use them, and they’ve been ok since then, but after the upgrade they seem to have moved so I needed to edit the command line environment path string to put them back in.

today I noticed that some of the stencil display in Omnigraffle is broken (a known issue on their website) and that loading SVG images into prototypes exported by justinmind seems to be broken, at least in prototypes made before the upgrade, this was actually more of a problem but not a show stopper.

overall my laptop (a 2011 macbook air) seems to be running a little faster if anything… :slight_smile:


I should of told you to backup your data first. But that’s good to hear that the upgrade was successful. You might be getting another message asking you to upgrade again. The next release is Mojave which has been out for a week or so now. Not sure if you’ll get the nag messages, but just telling you now. I haven’t messed with Mojave at all so I don’t know what are the drawbacks of upgrading to it.