Setting up a fresh install of MAMP on fresh install of Mac/Mountain Lion - Problems!

I recently bought the new Mac and decided that I would do a complete fresh install rather than use the migration assistant. I realised at the time that this would mean setting up things like MAMP from scratch, something I’m not too clear about as it is a long time since I did it last!

Predictably, the installation of MAMP hasn’t worked as I would have hoped!

Apache won’t start and I’m getting this error message:

However, when I search Google for this exact error message I’m not finding a complete match. It looks as if I am the only person has ever had this error message! Well, I’m sure that’s not entirely true :wink:

I remember that when I previously did upgrade of an old machine to mountain lion there was a terminal command I could run which would fix MAMP and it was this:

> sudo apachectl stop

But this is failing for me this time:

> Error unloading org.apache.httpd

The thing is, I’m really flaky where Apache an terminal commands are concerned. I never use the command line to administer Apache MySQL and so on – this is the reason why I have always used MAMP because it takes the fear out of it for me! But I suspect I will need to do a few things in terminal just to get this kick-started.

So, I would really appreciate any tips people have to get my MAMP installation started once again. As I mentioned, this is a clean install of the operating system and of MAMP so I have not configured any settings whatsoever. Hopefully this should make things a little clearer as there are no nasty little surprises from previous installs to worry about.

Have you gone to System Preferences > Sharing and unchecked ‘Web Sharing’?

Nope … no changes to anything like that. Besides, on Mountain Lion they removed that setting; it doesn’t exist any more :frowning:

Huh … you can tell I haven’t upgraded yet. Seems it’s disabled by default in Mountain Lion anyhow. This is an interesting read:

… although not relevant to your issue, I guess.