Advice on setting a PHP dev environment on a mac with GIT

Hi guys,

I’m about to set up a PHP dev environment on my mac (Leopard) and going to be using git as my version control, I’m not familiar with a mac setup or git so I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

I think I’m just going to use the “Sites” directory as my localhost and the location where I deploy from to my server?


Would I simply initialize a git repository for each site in the same directory i.e. Sites/

Or is it best to have a completely separate code repository that I develop in;


and then deploy/sync from here to the Sites directory and use localhost as my stage before deployment??

How to others do it any advice would be great, I want to get this right from the start

Thanks in advance


One would generally think “Seperate projects, seperate repository”. If you edit a file in, doesnt care about it.

StarLion, thank you for the reply, do have a dev environment on a mac, if so, would you mind me asking how you have it set up?

I dont actually have a dev enviroment on a mac, but it wouldnt be much different really…

I dont personally use version controlling, but that said i dont often find a need to go backwards - debugging is done on my local enviroment (*AMP(P)), and then deployed when it’s done…