Hopelessly lost -- mySQL & Mac

Help! I’m trying to follow along with the book “Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & My SQL”. I’ve tried to do what the book asked in Chapter 1 by downloading mySQL, but I can’t find it to do anything with it. I’m on a Mac, OS X v5. It shows up in my system preferences and says that it’s running, but how do I use it? I’m so lost…


are you saying that you have no idea how to run mySQL in Mac?

Well, let’s just assume you have installed it correctly, then,

  1. Open your terminal.
  2. Type:

shell> mysql -u <user_name> -h <server_host> -p <database_name>

I hope that what you are looking for;)


geez, I didn’t even know that I needed to use terminal. I think that I need to get the server_host info from my provider, but I thought that this would let me proof locally without having to contact them – I’m sorry, but I’m a designer and this is all so foreign to me.

also, it keeps returning –

-bash: shell: command not found

What, specifically, can’t you do? What does the book ask you to do that you can’t?

Seems you have mysql running fine, if you want to you can open up a command line interface to mysql by typing “mysql” without quotes at the command prompt, but if the book doesn’t tell you to do that then don’t bother :).

this whole typing commands without a graphic interface is beyond my experience. I think that I know where the command prompt is in terminal, but I never USE terminal so I don’t understand what it’s trying to tell me. what the heck is “-bash” ?? My book is on a computer at work. I’m at home now, so not much will happen between now and Monday, except I’d like to be a little less of an idiot by then. I feel like I standing on the edge of a cliff throwing commands out there with no idea 1) if anything can hear it, and 2) if it is heard, is it sensible or just a jumble of symbols.