What computer certification would offer more jobs in the market?

I am recently looking to do some sort of computer related certification from computer tech certification to programing certification. Any of those certification where the market would offer more jobs to certified people in x area.

Please if you have any references of what would be the best certification to get involve in please let me know.

I agree with the posts above, good advice (especially on the CIW rubbish which I spent £3,000+ with Computeach, load of crap).

I’d add that if it’s a creative job, people will judge a lot by your portfolio, I’m sure we’ve all seen people who don’t have a degree doing better works than those who do. That said, if you want to be a good designer you’ll need to learn about design, you can probably Google it along with thousands of others who don’t have the zest to get up and learn it for real - I wouldn’t recommend that personally (that’s my opinion).

I was an interior designer and found it pretty easy to move to print design but I have always been creative and I think that’s the best qualification you can have, after all what’s the point of any degree if you just have no ideas to create?

The thing is with Degrees; in some professions, usually more windows open and pay packets increase automatically (even though the person may not work in the same subject area as the studied degree). I’ve done University, and completed a CCNA and it needs refreshing every 3-year but at the moment I don’t use it a lot.

As for Web Design I’d agree a lot of the courses offered regarding web are out of line with real world applications.

If you want to get certification to get a job, then you’d best be studying the job openings in your area and see what kind of certification is requested.

It also depends upon what type of job you’re going for. If it’s web design, there are certifications like CIW but their not taken too seriously.

Some jobs (however) will benefit greatly from a degree or something like a CCNA, A+ or MCSE. :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea you have just requested thank you Guido.