Low Organic Traffic

Im tearing my head out trying to figure out reasons.

Lets just go on 1 keyword that I am coming up top for in google (UK) well. 3rd position. It’s a ocalised keyword and I’ve hidden my IP and also searched from a PC which was situated 300miles away from current location. I am not logged into any google accounts…

I have placed some adwords to give me a round about impression number. So yesterday 30 impressions were logged but on analytics only 1 person visited the site and this was NOT on the keyword in question.

So why such low traffic. You would think I would get something like 10% of visitors coming to the site. People are searching. I am there. Why would people search and not click…

Help :slight_smile:

Hey try to do some socialo network. Yeah it happen some time but you should analysis your keyword means is your keyword have good traffic search or not is a long tail keyword.So do analyze your keyword.

Not sure what you mean. Had a look again for yesterday and 30ish impressions and only 6 clicks again for exact matching keyword which I am in 3rd position for.

88 Impressions in total for range of keywords where I range from 6th place to 12th place…

Still only 6 clicks

What is the monthly search volume of that keyword? yes, your site is no 1 but are there people searching for the keyword?

Across several keywords, Adwords says on exact matches it’s about 3000

800 for the keyword I am in 3rd place for…


Just looked at web tools and for another keyword which I am top for I’ve got 250 impresions and 12 clicks for the last month. According to Google Web Tools


It’s actually a pretty low search volume. One of my sites is ranked 2nd on keyword with 8K local search volume and I am getting around $120 visit per day from google. I advised you to focus on related long-tailed keywords instead. Target not many visitors in one keyword but visitors in multiple keywords…

Have you compared your metadescriptions with the ones of the top ranking sites? Are there any obvious differences?

It is what I got from your question so far you are in the top rank for a keyword and 3rd for another, but your page visit is very low compared to 8k local searches for the same keyword. Tell me if I got it wrong.

This problem generally happens if your meta description is not appealing to the people. As you can see whenever you search the SE shows the Meta description along with your url. So people generally looks into the page description before clicking.
One more problem might me the speed of your website, people generally avoids if your site is too slow for them.

there are so many reason behind this, the first and most important all of this your competitors that are being ranked above and below your website, if those are very much present in market with their own unique brand awareness of customer service or it may be product itself, so this could be reason you are getting low clicks, but no worries your can try so many other keywords to get more traffic.

The big ‘lie’ could be in the number Google is actually showing for an EXACT match on search numbers. Position 3 is supposedly only getting slightly less than 10% of organic searches anyways when it comes to clicks.