Adwords: Not getting traffic from chosen countries

Hi folks,

About a week ago I started off our PPC campaign on google adwords and the traffic was lower than I expected. (about 6 months ago we ran a test campaign)

We’re based in Ireland but are trying to sell to the entire english speaking world.

6 days in and I’ve noticed that we’ve gotten some 35/40 visitors from Ireland, but only 12 from the US. Surely a country of 250+ million people should send us more traffic than 4 million?

I believe I’ve set things up correctly, the site trades in USD but is hosted in Ireland (should that make a difference?). Either I’m missing something or there’s something wrong with google (unlikely)

Any ideas are welcome?

My CTR overall is about .11% combined content & Search (.55% on search only)

I only split the US from the rest earlier today so it’s too early to tell. Previously all countries were targetted under one campaign.

At the moment I have 79 clicks with 69,000 impressions. 42 of them are from .ie and only 16 from the US. Something is not right :frowning:

I’m keeping the bids low for now because I’m not sure that the page will convert so there’s no sense in blowing $2.00 a click just yet. Could it be that there’s less competition in Ireland so I’m higher up the list than in the US?

How many ad impressions have you had for those 50 odd visitors? Click through rates can ofetn be less than 1%.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve upped the bids and will monitor over the next few days.

It’s extremely likely that this is your bids. Bidding down gets you less expensive traffic and in smaller markets this is often what you see as less advertisers enter or manage campaigns. Try increasing your bids for the US and see what happens.