Looking for online ways to Make Money


I’ve been looking to make money online or get some online gigs for earning a little extra. I don’t have much knowledge about programming but I can definitely sell services to people. What would you guys suggest?


Hi jakesantiago,

Probably no news to you; If your skill is to sell, you could be an affiliate to one or more service providers you really like and trust.

There are many that tries to make some money online that way though. :slight_smile:

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I did read about Affiliate Marketing but it requires a website and a good audience which I know nothing of. I can create a website through WordPress but how would I bring users. I know there SEO but isn’t it like hard to implement?

Maybe you could create a Youtube channel for your special interests?

Or you could be inspired by exploring e.g. YT and find a new way how to sell?

(Not my area of knowledge, I’m afraid)

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It’s okay. Thanks for reaching out though.

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my suggestion would be Affliate marketing is one of the best methods to earn money online.

The OP has already explained why affiliate marketing is not for him.

Sell Services:

PTC (Paid to click ads)




Thanks. This really helped. I also found a post that had similar mentioned posts that you referred

15+ Legitimate Work from Home Jobs (Earn $1000 per Month)

Can you please let me know if they’re worth trying or not? Thanks


Unfortunately the world has a lot of unscrupulous people promising what is too good to be true to those desperate, naive or greedy enough to fall for their scams.

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Just don’t believe the things that say “earn 10k a month” or “500 a day”

it’s impossible to do that…unless you do local job or “work from home” with a big company.

just work as a freelancer and you’re good to go. Make sure you search about the website and read their Terms and policies to double check if they are legit or scams



(Read up on “Pyramid Marketing” and “Ponzi scheme”.)

Are you looking to “get rich quick” or are you willing to actually go out and earn your money?

oh my friend there are a lot of ways to take some money, but need to know what you can do online

There are many ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing etc. You can also generate free Codes online and redeem them to buy anything.

Thread closed as the OP seems to have lost interest.