How do you make money?

How do you make money?
how are people making there money, tell me what type of site you have, how you get traffic and how you earn money. I’m looking for ideas.

Hi there :slight_smile: If you want to start making money online, i would suggest that you get your own website. There are a lot of ways to earn money from a personal webpage. Ads, affiliate marketing etc. You can also sell your own product like on my web page <snip /> You need google adsense to get the ads for your webpage. I hope that pointed you in the right direction.

Sincerely Dean

What the major are you working on?

Hi Peter,
I am considering to developed a news website, so please suggest me about it, and tell how can be make its a source to earn money.

try to sell stock photos stock photos are relatively easy to take and once you’ve posted them to your stock-photo account can make money fairly passively.

If you are making a website for news then you can show up news by different people on paid basis. Or can do advertisements of different companies by dealing with them I hope you know about techniques like pay-per-click and affiliate marketing.

I am earning money through oDesk and Elance that are the world’s top freelancing websites. I have earned thousands of dollars from these websites.


All the members here have posted great ideas. I think your best bet is to focus on what you already know as a means of making money. You can try all these other things but if you aren’t really that into them, you won’t be as successful as you could be and the moment you face some obstacles, you are more likely to give up. Think about what it is you do well and try to find a way to monetize it. For example if you like to write there are lots of sites online that offer freelance writing jobs. If you like to be active in social media, perhaps you can bid on some jobs at elance. Your passion may have nothing to do with the internet but you could still utilize the web to make money with it.

Hope that helps,


There are a lot of ways to make money online. Freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing, forex, social networking, forum posting, article marketing, google adsense, ppc advertising, infolinks, neobux and cannot end by posting here. It depends on you what you will choose according to your skill. But, I suggest you to make website or blog and create some valuable content and do some seo. Then apply for google adsense.

Here’s a real life example about making money online.

A friend of my has his own Facebook page (with a 1 million likes) and opened a blog at blogspot.
He’s promoting his blog by placing links to it on his Facebook page and has around 10-12 thousand daily visitors.

Now, he has put an AdSense that pays him quite a lot - he can live from this money without problems.
And what do we have in the end?

Now, he’s thinking about putting Nster widget on top of this to make even more :lol:

The morale of the story - making money online is all about the quality and quantity of traffic that you have.

What you can do to save time - start a Facebook page (you need a great content though), pay other large groups to share link to your page (you can get up to 15000 visitors per link) and quickly grow your audience.

When you got it:

  1. Start a blog on couple platforms (e.g. blogspot & tumbl)
  2. Promote these blogs through your Facebook page
  3. Start AdSense
  4. If you can’t start AdSense for whatever reason, put a nice looking widget to monetize your traffic.

How much you can make completely depends on you - but if you take the guy I’m talking about, he’s making $70-$80 per day from 10-12 thousand visitors which is not bad at all. (keep in mind that he still get’s paid from paid links on his Facebook Page)

Anyhow, please let me know if that was clear & useful :rolleyes:

hahaha it’s simple. Depends on your talent you can earn money. Creativity is boost the process. All the best. Present i am getting bulk of money through affiliate marketing.

Be more specific - earning is never simple. It takes a lot of time and effort.
What affiliate programs are you talking about? Online, offline?

Elaborate please.

An industrial printer and special paper that I import from belgium.

Oh wait, you mean… right. Forget I said anything.

if you are tech guys you can really think about creating website that would help many people across the country
you will need to focus on creating contect based website i know it’s not going to happen over the night
you need to spend many years working through inorder to make money while you sleep also

think about the word we are not the only one

By help you mean tech related guides, software, etc?
Also, imho there are already tooooo many IT, SEO, SEM resources online with the obvious monopolists like Techcrunch, Mashable, Wired, and the other big boys :frowning:

Back to the topic - if you want to make money and claim your niche on the market, you have to give something valuable to the people first.

Take for example.
Originally, it was an IT company that has decided to make a free tool to help people grow their websites.

So it has made a widget that allows websites to do different traffic operations (buying/selling/exchanging) or simply rotate their best content on their website to increase pageviews and engagement of the audience.

Due to the absence of the price tag and the way widget blends in any website’s design, this small side project has now grown in the full scale department within the company.

Or take a look at Unbounce - they have started off as a self-service marketing tool, but now they have just a wonderful set of resources to help SEO & SEM folks to make page, write content, etc.
Also, their blog is amazing.

If you want to make money online, at some point you have to give something for free so people will recognize you and start working with you.

Yes lot of ways to make money online. I currently buying and selling apple products on craiglist.