How i can make money online?

now, i am only able to create website using wordpress magento. i want to create a store,but i don’t know which product i should sell. which product every body want to buy from china. thank you. if don’t sell products there a way to make money for me?

you can your google keywords tool to check … what people are searching and from which country… so you can get idea about the products.

You can also try to look in eCommerce and online auction sites like Amazon and Ebay. Find out which products that sell well with the people, has less competition and you can supply them regularly. Social media sites and forums are another places to know what products that people are willing to pay for.


I would start with what you know as long as its economical for you. Trying to get into business selling products for the wrong reasons (i.e. just because its popular) usually doesn’t work out well for people. You should start selling something that you are into or that you already know a lot about.

If you don’t sell a product, there are a lot of other ways you can make money online. Keep in mind that the internet is just a channel and not the main function of making money. You still have to be doing something that you are good at in order to be successful. For example if you like writing there are a lot of content providers looking for writers out there. You can create a profile on sites like elance and bid for jobs.

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There are a lot of ways to make money online. Here are some Example-
2.Amazon Affiliate Program
6.Google Adsense
7.Google Adwords
8.Microsoft Adcenter
9.Pay Per Post

you can also search to find more way that you can make money from online.

If you are able to design template fro WordPress then you can try it to sell. if you want to make store and if it not sell then you earn money by placing some ads of Google Adsense, Infolinks, Yahoo ads, chitika ads etc.
You also can earn money from Odesk by design site for your client.

You can earn money by outsourcing through Odesk,Freelancing,E-lance if you are expert in any specific job.You can also earn by Blogging.

try to start a web blog or website to earn money online. It will bring more opportunities for you to earn online.

Or you can start a blog then affiliate then own digital products! One after the other.

Affiliate marketing can be a good niche. Many companies offer good commissions there. Check or Commission Junction for options. Choose a merchant you want to work for, read a lot on the topic and write a good article you can optimize for the search engines.

This is one way to do it.

Warrior forum is all about that single idea. May want to read there.

Internet marketing is a very easy way of making online money internet marketing is a best source of online advertising. Internet marketing is a large business and growing rapidly all over the world.

the clickbank is similar adsense or not?

No, they are completely different. Take a look at their respective websites if you want to know more.

go to see if you have something to offer. it is not difficult, there is always something that you know how to do or can do. one person there is offering to write some lines on an old typewriter for $5…

You can make good money with fiverr. Specially nowdays. Yes, you can make $100-300/month, but I hope it’s not you are looking for, But I can give a chance to fiverr for branding and finding first customers.

There are lots of ways to make money online mostly for the website developer like you. Try oDesk or Elance or some other freelance sites and bid for a job that you can do. You can also sell some Chinese made products (cheap electronic gudgets and accessories) by posting it to online shops - you can do both at the same time…

There are so many ways to earn money online. For men, I joined some affiliate networks like cj, inksharea, shareasale, amazon, clickbank and more. Just post some products or others links via affiliate links, you will get some commissions from merchants.

There are so many freelancing website available, join there and showcase your work.

Earning money online is not rocket science. If you can follow simple instructions, then you’re able to build a business that can quite easily become your primary income. All you need is a good plan, and to follow that plan through.