Looking for good photo app for visitors to upload pics on my site

Anyone know a good plugin or code language for this? Thanks.

I don’t know of any services that allow you to upload photos and keep them on your site.

Most people who need uploads on their site code something themselves.

If it were me I’d use Rails, with the paperclip & imagemagick gems because it’s ridiculously easy and powerful.
What technologies does your site / application use?

Try this:


Using Dreamweaver…

Not sure what this does regarding photos?

It might be beyond you’re capabilities at the moment, I believe you’ll need to get your hands dirty with code, you’ll need server-side code and database to keep track of the photos.

Unless it’s a Wordpress site or something, there’s likely plugins that will allow you to do it.

Do you know of any plugins? Thanks.

there is a file upload function provided in PHP via which we can upload files on the system.