I’m an Internet entrepreneur and this is my first company and I suck at PHP but I’m learning daily and I’m coding this entire site all by myself even though I have 5 other guys to work with me but they’ve written do code. And I’m trying to complete this site and start the Beta by August and it’s just so overwhelming…

Good Luck :slight_smile:

Did you have a specific question to ask? Otherwise this seems like a topic for general chat rather than a specific coding issue.

I’m trying to code my homepage to upload photos in real-time from users who join my site and smash those photos down to 30 x 30.

You may be better off asking questions in the forum related to the technology you are using. e.g. If the photo manipulation is via php then the php forum would be more help to you but you will need to be more specific.

That’s not going to be very easy. I suggest that you read an online tutorial, and look for all the security tips about that.