Photo Manipulation

Complete PHP/MYSQL n00b so bare with me! I’m trying to code my homepage to upload photos in real-time from users who join my site and smash those photos down to 70 x 70. Kind of like Daily but in a more elegant way. I want the current and new users avatars to appear on the homepage as they join etc. I have not created a user database yet as I’m still building the site and I have no users how would I start this?

For ideas on the thumbnail resizing search this section for thumbnail as there are lots of posts. I prefer Imagemagick to GD as its a lot simpler and has more options.

With the new avatars on the main page you just need to query the database and load the avatars of the last say ten newest members when the page loads.

Do not save the photo into the database; just save the path. If the photos are all in the same folder you only need to save the photo name and can call up the path in the echo statement.

You only answered one part of my question how would I upload those pics to the homepage in the first place?

Hi Keith
For uploading have a read through:

It gives you basic upload code from which you should be able to get something together.

I’ll take all the tips in and keep working on it!