Looking for good I.T. Book


My name is Vitaly i’m manager of marketing company in Cyprus. I’m looking for a good book or Source where could learn and undersatand more about general core functionality of internet. Protocols, networks, FTPs, domain, etc… I cannot say that I’m totally inexperienced internet user since i know HTML and little of PHP. All that i learned by my self so at the moment i have big gap between general understanding of how internet works and Web Developing.

All information that might help to fill this gap will be appreciated a lot
Thank you in Advance

One book that covers such a broad range of subjects wouldn’t be very good, except as a really basic introduction to this industry. And I mean really basic introduction. Your range is too wide!

You need to think about an outline of the order in which you want to study those subjects. The order of study would be determined by priorities.

Truthfully, you might be better off enrolling in a community college, or some equivalent there in Cyprus. What sort of higher learning institutions do you have there?

You could also go to a website of some college that has a course outline for this field and see what some educational specialists have decided is the best way to teach those subjects. The order they chose might be a good idea for you to use.

Bottom line is there isn’t going to be just one book.

Oh yes, and you’ll never stop studying once you start. Well, you better not stop.

Oh yes, one more thing that is most important – you’re never going to learn it all, so don’t even think about trying! You’ll go mad!!

Look at some of the “How things work” books published by Que. Lots of illustrations and easy-to-understand concepts.


I may have this post deleted because it is not a book, However, Youtube can be a great source of educational videos on any subject. search for a question or subject and lots of videos. Because anyone can post, some information may need to be confirmed from other sources.

Guys thank you for providing useful information. This will help a lot)

Hi, You all shared really nice information above, Actually I am also looking for a book which could learn me about the computing and systems hacking. I have searched a lot but I couldn’t find so please some one must tell me.