I am a beginner to web design, which the best book to start?

I want to learn web designing so that i want create my own website and i am serching for a reference book which is best for web designing.

Build your own Web Site the Right Way using HTML & CSS by Ian Lloyd :slight_smile:

HTML for Dummies, it’s a popular book for beginners.

I know that you’re searching for a book but I can give you an alternative. This site is for web design (HTML,CSS,AJAX,JS,VBS,PHP,SQL,ASP and many many others). They have a complete reference + quizes. All are free. Study with your desired pace…

I’ll second the HTML book by Ian Lloyd. You can get it here: http://www.sitepoint.com/books/html1/

In fact, the 2nd Edition is coming out in November, so if you pre-order it now, you’ll be able to get the first edition as a PDF for free RIGHT NOW.

I read Ian Lloyd’s beginners book and wished it had been the first book I ever read on the topic. It will introduce you to what goes into making a website, teach you vocabulary, and start building the foundation for a standards-based approach of HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

Thirds on the Ian Lloyd book. I can’t recommend the W3 schools site until you get a little bit familiar with HTML, as it’s not the most user-friendly site in the world, but it is invaluable as a resource. I believe About.com also has some free “classes” in HTML, CSS, and design, but I don’t know how good they are.

You may try HTML / CSS for Dummies series or search web for free HTML tutorials

Ian’s book

I also have Ian Lloyd’s
Good book, but try validating code in W3C in next to impossible.I keep getting the red “<” and “>” telling me that my elements are left open when they are all there like they should be, so I gave up on trying to validate my code.


Syntax highlighting might help in your case then. It’s one of the things I came to rely upon as I forced myself to write valid code back in 2004.

Thanks for the reply
where or how do Iget that or activate it


What editor are you using?

I seventh Ian’s book. :wink:

It’s very important to recognize the value of using CSS for layout and presentation as well as adherence to standards early in learning web design.

note pad

I also have coffee cup down loaded. I guess I could past my code in there, if you think that would work; or is there something else I could down load.


CoffeeCup could work. I personally use Edit+ (available at http://www.editplus.com), though other editors, such as CrimsonEditor and Notepad++ could work as well. There are a LOT of options available, many of which are free.

I would also wholeheartedly recommend EditPlus. I’ve used many text editors in the past but none were as satisfying as EditPlus, even UltraEdit which although very feature rich isn’t user-friendly enough.

Bulletproof Web Design is The Best Book on Web Design with HTML and CSS and is always my recommendation for beginners and experts alike.

The book covers a huge amount of ground and will get you on the right track.

Oh, and ask plenty of question in the CSS forum - I found that the most valuable resource.

Ian’s book, except that it begins you in XHTML. Explains things very well, what and why. I never finished the book, because it’s set up in chunks of what you want to do-- I did not want to blog etc.

After Ian’s book, as I got into CSS, HTML Utopia: Designing without Tables Using CSS by Rachel Andrew and Dan Shafer helped me get a handle on basic CSS for positioning big chunks of page.

Note, offtopic: typing this using JAWS… note to self: never use JAWS with Firefox, all the normal commands don’t work, need FF-specific commands : (
Still, Sitepoint sounds pretty strange : )

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