Internet marketing for begginer!

Where to get books for beginners in internet marketing?
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SitePoint have one here. Apart from that, a quick search on Google will find plenty of results. is a good resource for Internet Marketing books, as is (Barnes and Nobles).

If there is a Barnes and Nobles in your area, then they may have an good local selection as well.

You can also purchase Internet Marketing books at various Internet Marketing trade shows such as AdTech or Affiliate Summit.

Best way is to search on Google you will find lot of books, PDF documents and great article for internet marketing.

There is a lot of scope or lot of things to do in internet marketing. But first of all you have to have a little knowledge about this and e-books can help you in a big scenario. You can find a lot of material about internet marketing in internet. You just need to do a search at Google.

Hi Sitenjinjo,

There are a lot of books about internet marketing, however- you shouldn’t limit yourself to only books.

One of the best places to learn about the online world is actually online, we can of course recommend our own blog as a great tool for getting a little more understanding- but there are so many other good blogs and sites out there just waiting for you to learn from them. And the best thing about them is that their they’re free :slight_smile: .

Good luck!

In my opinion Internet Riches: The Simple Money-making Secrets of Online Millionaires is the best book of Internet marketing. This book is really very excellent and greatly suggested if you need the basis on setting up a million dollar Internet empire.

You should try GURU MAGIC! Super Tips From the World’s Top Internet Marketing Experts book it covers many things that helps beginners as well as professionals also.

The list of must have books for Internet marketing for beginners includes -

  1. Don’t make me think by Steve Krug,
  2. The Dip by Seth Godin,
  3. Web Analytics by Avinash Kaushik,
  4. Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins ,
  5. Landing page optimization by Tim Ash.
    If you dont find these books from a books vendor then you can also get it online by downloading it. So go on & start reading it.

I would suggest you to have a look at Wikipedia articles (on internet marketing, Email marketing, smo, seo etc). Hope, it works! usually i learn everything from the wikipedia (at least the basics). And within the wikipedia articles you will be able to see the references, also give it a try.

Hey mate you can find free ebooks on internet marketing on web source dot net…I would suggest you not to limit yourself to books only as Internet Marketing(4web) is a fast changing field and you should be in touch with all the latest marketing tools provided online…