Looking for Gmail / Webmail Script

I have recently aquired a 2 letter domain name & im in the process of setting up a free domain service.

However alongside this I would also like to offer a free email service similar to gmail.com

Now I know that gmail is an enterprise solution and that no script is going to come close to its functionality,

But, there must be something out there that will allow users to signup for an user@domain webmail?

I have been searching around & currently the only 2 scripts I have come accross are socketmail & jilmail which both seem to have ceased trading.

If anyone could point me in the right direction to a decent script that will allow me to setup a service like this, it would be much appreciated.

You can check Squirrel Mail but for spam prevention you need to install script like Spam Assassin for the blocking

I think the problem is you need an enterprise level of spam control. As you start allowing people to register email accounts, this ca quickly become a spammer’s dream. For that reason, you need a script that is able to catch and stop spammers, and it takes some pretty heavy duty artillery.