Temporary Email Script

hi guys

i want to run temporary email service website.
this service is become popular, just like short url service.

can you tell me which is the best but cheap and simple ?

i just found the odaymail script (odaymail dot com), they said the script is only running in cPanel hosting. but the best for that is no database required.


Just so you know, there’s an existing temporary or disposable mailbox services on the web. If you know a little about email marketing or even SEO stuff, then you’re left behind. Take a look at the link to know the best temporary/disposable email services that provided today, http://www.sizlopedia.com/2007/05/27/top-20-temporary-and-disposable-email-services/

Why don’t you just google for “temporary email script”. I’m pretty sure you’ll find what you’re looking for there. :wink: NN

any one ?

is there any one running a temporary email service website ?

As NameNick has suggested the best one to use in my opinion is the gentlesource.com one i use it on my site and the support forum is one of the best going.