Web-based Email (Hotmail/Yahoo/Gmail Clone)

Ive been looking around for a good email script for a while now… a couple of years ago I wouldve said HiveMail is hands down the better out there, but these days its dead and buried - no updates, no staff etc etc

SquirelMail was recommended to me but as far I can see there isnt an option to make it a user signup based option… in the same way as Gmail/Hotmail etc works.

I know offering free email is dead these days since the introduction of Hotmail & Gmail but its one extra thing to offer my visitors :slight_smile:

There are scripts out there that automatically create e-mail accounts through Cpanel.

Unfortunately I can’t name any off the top of my head but you should be able to google them.

Here is a selection. Some seem quite good and one is almost an exact clone of IE. Let me know your thoughts as I am planning on adding email as an added service to a large regional portal soon.



www.socketmail.com is the “vbulletin” of e-mail scripts

Not to forget ILOHAMAIL. POP supported but strongly IMAP Based. Also look for Zimbra and RoundCube. Among all, we found ilohamail is extremely powerful opensource script, and it helped us to ceate a webmail with Gmail like interface.

secondly, you wont find any signup option in any opensource webmail. You need a dedicated server with atleast one static IP along with cpanel (no plesk). You have to write php script for a signup feature.

Also opensource http://openwebmail.org

  • Vince

Thanks for the tips guys :slight_smile:

Been looking at a few and like WebCrawler said it seems most do not have a user signup option to them. A couple rely on having Cpanel installed (which I dont as the server is a Windows server)

  • WebCrawler, I have a couple of dedicated servers… and one of them isnt really being used much so would be ideal to try out with a free email service. I guess i’ll just keep looking around :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyones input though.

In that case, look into Scalix.com

Looks like a very good solution.

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You could just get GMail for your domain and offer that to your users.
Just an option - and that would mean it wouldn’t cost you anything either.


A better solution would be any solution that you’re not spamming on the boards IMHO.

I just launched a script which is working it’s way to becoming a GMail clone…the powerful thing about it is it targets adsense ads to the message, just like GMail does, great way to convert. There official sales page is not up yet, but you can check the demo:


Admin demo:


Installation is extremely easy, all you need is a MySql database and a catchall email with POP3 access.

PM me for more details.