Looking for banner ads?


I hope that you don’t mind me posting here. I have come across your site and thought that you may be able to help me. I have a site that I wish to run ads on but my previous ad company is no longer. The problem is I can’t run AdSense as there are some images as it is a fansite that they don’t like ie bikini shots and a lot of the other ad companies that I am coming across do not like sites with bikini/underwear shots. The site isn’t an adult site it is just a celebrity fansite and I don’t want those kinds of ads on my site. Does anybody know of an ad company that is in the middle who would allow this?

Many thanks :smiley:

You could try buttonbrokers for banners and softpopads for pop unders. I think they are paying $0.85-$1.00 for pop unders.

You may work with infolink or buysellads.Specially buysellads network is highly recommended from me but I am not sure whether they accept it or not but I should they will accept it if your site has a good rank and since it is not actually an adult site.You also may consider linkworth and they give you a wide range of options.

You can try some banner advertising company like BuySellAds

There are some adult ad networks that allow you to choose a rating for your ad, ie: choose between no nude , nude and hardcore ads. I would try one of those, especially a pay per click network, as you should do quite well.