Looking for CPC/CPM network that accept adult sites

Hi there. I own an adult art/writing community website. My demographic is mostly young women and most of the artworks are erotica and soft core (though there is some more explicit content). Most if it is in anime style.

The content is too adult for Google Adsense so I’m looking for recommendations for other ad networks that would accept an adult website. But I don’t think I’d want to have image advertisements for porno sites as these sites would upset most of my traffic. Most porno sites are too hard core and are a total turn off for women.

Any suggestions?

I highly recommend this ad network for adult site content.

They pay very high for cpm thought, not sure about ppc.

You can check it out here adultadworld.com/publisher.html

Thank you for the suggestion FlufyDufy. Unfortunately, every time I have gone to that site and clicked the sign up button I get a message saying their security ticket has expired and it failed to connect to their secure connection. I’ve been checking back often over the past week or so.

I have been trying out BlackLabelAds at the suggestion of a couple other forum members here. However, my users don’t seem to be responding well to these ads. They are not targeted at my demographic and I’m afraid may be turning away some of my loyal visitors.

Most of the artwork depicts males drawn by females for females and the advertisements seem to mostly be advertising porn of girls which are targeted more for male viewers. Even the text ads are bad.
“Crazy Fing Free Porn"
“Myspace WHORES”
“Getting laid is EASY”
"Find a F

Are there any ad networks with non-porn advertisements that accept adult site publishers in their network?

This is incredibly frustrating.

the problem I have with adultworld is that their rates are a little bit laughable. Unless you run 4 banners, and 3 popups on every pageview you’d never make anything. Their eCPM for just banners is literally about $0.01 for below the fold banners it’s even less.

Ugh that’s not even worth it! No way am I even going to try adultworld then.

I’m looking at trying out this one because they have “niche” advertising that might be a good fit for my demographic:

I have been using adengadge for text adds on my adult sites. You dont have to worry about them showing porn pics that way.

I tried AdEngage and it didn’t really work out so much for me. I didn’t get any buyers so it just showed CPC which only gave me about 2 cents per ad. I switched back to black label ads for the most part.

do adultadworld pay on time?

you can try ApplyAds

Any payment report for ApplyAds?

Thank you I am looking into ApplyAds myself now. I will le everyone know in a few weeks how they are working for me.

If you have adult content use should use some ppc without conversion ratios.
Just search for “adult ppc blind clicks” in google ! :beer:

If you have a lot of traffic, the YM Networks will take you.