I will just ask for you guys what editor did you used in dealing with php,javascript,html or when you make your website,because i only know the notepad++.please i need your help.thank you.

I switched to Sublime Text 2 and have never looked back as I have all my settings synced between my Mac, PC and even my developer PC at work.

There are lots of good code editors out there, but like Chris, I’ve just switched to Sublime Text 2 and really like it. Other ones to look at:

Aptana Studio
Crimson Editor

@chris.upjohn and @ ralph.m, is sublime text 2 is free?can you help me with that link.Thank you.

No, it’s not free, but the other ones I linked to above are free. :slight_smile:

Try NotePad2. Everyone tells me it’s great, but I’m not on PC, so I haven’t tried it.

I use NotePad++, personally, for all of my dev work, and run it through a WAMP system (XAMPP, specifically) on localhost.

From the Sublime Text referrers, does it have built in SVN interaction or via a plugin? I’ve been trying to switch to a new editor for several years on Linux because once KDE 4 came out, they dropped support for the editor I used all of the time.

I plan to download and install it later this week to evaluate it, but I am curious if either of you interact with SVN, git, etc.

I, too, have become a big fan of Sublime Text 2
Although I cannot say with certainty it interacts with SVN as you may require, one of the GREATEST features of the editor is its native support of Textmate plugins. There is a plethora of those around the Internet.
I am confident you will find one to suit your requirement.

Hi, what is SVN that you mean?

SVN is also known as Subversion, it is a source control system.

Oh,okay…thank you.

I’m very happy using Bluefish on Linux, and it’s free. There is a Windows version available, but it may not have all the features of the Linux version.

I know you are familiar with notepad++,why did you not use the notepad++ can you give me idea what is dis advantage of notepad++?


Wrong, I’m afraid. I’m not familiar with notepad++ at all - I’ve never used it.

It runs on Windows and I use Linux. :slight_smile:

@jemz: You are now at the point where it’s best just to try a few of the ones on offer (maybe start with those I linked to) and choose which suits you best. :slight_smile:

I’ve used notepad++ on several windows desktops, and still do. I don’t like to do a lot of development in it, but the occasional editing of files I am more than happy to use it. It is nice, but I’ve been spoiled with other solutions that are far more superior. Notepad++ is free, so if I were you, I’d just download it and try it out.

Also, feel free to use the portable version too and so you can use that without having to physically install it

Eclipse PDT. I’ve been using it for years and I haven’t had a reason to go looking for anything else :slight_smile:

Thank you to all for enlighten my mind…

I use Sublime Text a lot… Manily because there is a windows and Linux version. Although i have been using dreamweaver a little bit

There is a premium plugin that you can get called “SVN” which is a premium addon for Sublime Text but it does look very well integrated, I myself however like to stick to native Windows and Mac applications such as Tortoise SVN for Windows and Cornerstone for Mac.