Best code editor

hello, I’m programming PHP on novice level (i’m just starting) and I’m looking form the best code editor to make my work more effective.
I’m thinking about Eclipse or maybe, I think, simpler: notepad-6-1-7

Any advices?

I suggest Aptana based on eclipse (you mentioned) or Sublime 2

i think u can visit,may be it can help u,

First I would check out this prior thread

Then I’d also personally recommend Sublime Text 2 and phpStorm. I actually went with phpStorm because it had built in Profiler and xDebug support (I’ve heard Eclipse and NetBeans have this too)

I use Netbeans and I’m very happy with it, it’s a great piece of free software. For simpler edits and for occasional direct FTP editing I use jEdit, which is an excellent editor for a huge number of programming languages but requires installing plugins for much of its functionality.

I tried Eclipse some time ago but I remember it being very slow and some most basic editor features were missing like drag&drop copying of text or line wrapping (have they managed to finally implement it?). Netbeans also has its weak points but for me not as many and the recent version is really fast.

When coding on novice level I would recommend a simple notepad++ on windows or any editor on *nix that does syntax highlighting.

Start with basic editors for basic programming or otherwise you’ll end up spending more time on how to figure out how your development environment works instead of advancing in your programming skills, which might end up in big frustration.